Cosmetic Laser Therapy

Dorset, Vermont

Cosmetic Laser Therapy provides a tranquil environment where clients can come enjoy a variety of facial services that are both relaxing and effective.  All treatments are customized according to each individual’s needs.  Great care, compassion and more than 22 years of experience go into every service.  We offer free consultations so call today!

Face Laser Treatments


Anyone with the desire to delay or reduce the signs of aging and damaged skin can benefit from our laser treatments.

Face Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is an amazing hair reduction procedure that targets dark and unwanted hair on any region of the body.

Oxygen Facial


Enjoy the bliss of a relaxation facial in a calming and tranquil environment.


Anyone with the desire to delay or reduce the signs of aging and damaged skin can benefit from our laser skin rejuvenation treatment. We will target fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and general signs of aging to leave your skin looking fresh and youthful.

1 hour $400
1 hour $200
From $200

Happy Clients

Prior to receiving laser acne therapy, this client suffered through years of painful, embarrassing, and difficult to treat acne breakouts. She had tried numerous products and treatment solutions with very little success. After coming in for a free consultation with Erin she decided to try Laser Acne therapy. Laser therapy treats the underlying cause of some types of acne by targeting the layers of cells beneath the surface of the skin and mitigating the problem source, unlike topical treatments. After a few treatments her skin began to show an amazing response and as you can see in the photos, has become much less painful, less embarrassing and much more manageable.


My husband looked at me after my first laser treatment and said, your skin has no wrinkles (I’m almost 70). It is so smooth and perfect! This is a guy who is not effusive so that’s a huge complement. Other people have commented on how great my skin looks as well. So  thank you Erin for your wonderful laser treatment.


I’ve had three Laser Skin Rejuvenation treatments as of today. I’ve noticed a significant difference after the first treatment—the lines around my eyes minimized, as well as the lines in the corners of my mouth. I’m really happy with the results of this treatment and I’m looking forward to seeing how long the effects will last.

Cosmetic Laser Therapy

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